Flushing out questions / notes in advance of interviews.

My interviews are extremely informal. You don’t need to prep anything. Please interrupt me. We don’t need to stick to any outline. We can talk about whatever you want. If I ask a question you don’t want to answer, no problem. We can talk as long or as briefly as you want. I’ve done 15 minutes, I’ve done 3.5 hours. It’s completely up to you. We can cut whatever parts of the recording you want, just let me know.

That said, people ask me for outlines of what I want to talk about, so hopefully this page serves that function. A rough sketch of my thoughts / questions I’ll probably ask.

Crypto currencies w/ Alex, ADA NASEC mining pool

  • I thought I’d start with an extremely brief intro for non-crypto people, jump in anytime:
    • What alt coins are, how I found out ADA (Cardano) exists last week: DOGE -> BTC -> ADA
    • Why I love PoS coins (I started in Blackcoin years ago).
  • How / when did you get started in crypto?
  • You help a ton of newbs (like me) in Telegram. How do you find the patience, time?
  • Me telling people to go sub to your YouTube channel, and specifically why I love Should you start a Cardano Stake Pool in 2021?
    • I don’t want you to repeat yourself, I will encourage them to go watch your videos. :)
    • Small pool graph for the show notes.
    • What feedback have you gotten from that video? Has it drawn a bunch of interest to NASEC? 200K yesterday was huge, yes? :)
    • You fixed Daedalus Wallet NASEC listing yesterday?
  • I love your realism / no hype. What made you decide to start on YouTube? Is your tone a conscious choice you made to buck the “TO THE MOON” hype?
  • What are you most excited about in the Cardano pipeline?
  • I’m super excited about anything that helps developing nations make money / contracts easier. Know anything about those?
    • My understanding: Developing countries use a ton of SMS-based payments via their cell providers.
      • Yoroi wallet is slick!
    • My story about BTC ATMs and Haiti remittances.
    • I’ll send people to Charles Hoskinson’s YouTube for his Africa project updates.
  • Do UK taxes work the same as in the USA? (Here we pay capital gains taxes on any increases when we extract to USD.) Is VAT relevant? Is Brexit relevant? Brexit business impacts?
  • Smart contracts: I don’t understand how they can actually interface with the real world.
  • ETH Tokens: Big business? wadu-hek? All-electronic trading cards and cats and stuff? Fortnite skins?
  • Your thoughts on hardware wallets?
  • If ADA didn’t exist, what else in crypto is interesting?
  • If crypto currency didn’t exist, what else is interesting?
  • Anything you want to talk about?

For the show notes:

  • 1:02 fireproof sleeves https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MXLeP1pMfo
  • Charles YT https://www.youtube.com/c/charleshoskinsoncrypto

Brexit, Finland doesn’t exist w/ Daniel Bougourd

Whiteness w/ Nick Diaz

Nick: If you wanna discuss whiteness, though, that’s my forte lol Jay: the world needs more podcast episodes of two white dudes talking about whiteness 🙂 Nick: Lol, you’re being ironic, but it genuinely does 😛 The thing white folks can do is genuinely deconstruct their own whiteness rather than provide blueprints to marginalized communities, which is so often the case. White folks worry about whiteness, black folks worry about blackness, etc., etc. *provide blueprints for marginalized communities to “free themselves,” which is counter to solidarity Jay: I’m game if you want to. Now I’M very uncomfortable 😉 Nick: Hahaha, yes, all shall cater to Nick’s comfort level. Let it be so. Jay: “whiteness” has no meaning without the context of non-whites, where my ignorance is nearly total I struggle to think of anything interesting I have to say on the subject Nick: Oh, yeah, Toni Morrison (RIP) wrote a whole book where the thesis was basically: white folks use blackness to make themselves superior. All races are constructed to provide hierarchy. Same thing with species. It’s the same system. But, don’t worry about contriving a podcast episode on my behalf, lol Jay: “shut up you stupid rich white male” is the leading voice in my head + cis ^^^ I don’t think I do that, but it does enter my brain. My blinders are poweful, I assume Nick: How do you mean? Like, you don’t do the thing Morrison wrote about? Jay: ha. we can do a podcast where I struggle to explain myself on this topic 🙂 Nick: Lol, just say the word XD

Uncivil Disobedience

HI-PHI NATION S3E8 Uncivil Disobedience

In Australia, vegan and animal liberation activism has recently become intense and disruptive, invading farms, restaurants, and city centers. They’re doing everything from rescuing animals to blocking traffic, and occupying steakhouses. Some argue that these new activists are needlessly victimizing innocent farmers, business owners, and consumers. Others argue that the activists are only doing what’s necessary to stand up for the innocent victims of farmers, business owners, and consumers.

Nick: Listened to the Hi-Phi pidcast. And boy do I not like Peter Singer now. Jay: oh? oooo can I interview you about that for Jay Flaunts His Ignorance? I’ll need to re-listen to it I need a transcript so I can jump to the Singer bits ah. 39:40 this would make a great episode – you and me talking through this Nick: Woof, idk if I’ve got the gumption to critique Singer on a public forum, haha I can’t really articulate my counterargument at the moment. Beyond not liking his materialism. I feel like I’d need to do a lot of research and thinking before I’d feel comfortable offering a public comment, and I don’t have the capacity for that atm Jay: ah. Flaunting My Ignorance is my brand, so prep sounds like work. no way José!! 😉 Nick: Hahaha, it is in the name of the podcast. But, for my part (and this Academia Nick talking), I don’t think I’d be comfortable deconstructing philosophical ideas that I’m not yet fluent in. Once I learn more about nonviolence, noncooperation, and also once I have more solidified theories about the applications of postmodernism to the anticapitalist struggle (I took great umbrage with Singer’s analysis that animal exploitation occurs within a Soviet context), I’d feel more confident to speak about the topic.

The Problem of Evil

I love the Drunk Ex-Pastors podcast. I’m extremely happy that in episode #30 at 1h 5m Christian gets angry about God sending people to hell. This outrage was entirely missing from episode #29 at 28m when you listened to what Stephen Fry would say to God if he met him. Stephen Fry’s angry “how dare you” challenge to God is exactly what I would say to God. Did you listen to the atrocities of nature Stephen Fry listed? Did you think about those? If God exists then it seems to me that anger is exactly the correct response to the suffering of millions of innocent people.

Lucky for me I’m an atheist, so there is no God. So… problem solved.

Love the podcast. Thanks guys, keep it up. :)

Update: In #32 at 56m they play, respond to the voicemail I left them (above). They straw-manned me a bit, but I appreciate them taking a stab at it. :) I should probably find someone to talk through my actual position on this topic…

Friedman v. Steel - Nebraska Open Records Case

Bruce Friedman is a 25 year IT veteran, primarily in infrastructure engineering and architecture. Also a father of 9, an avid proponent of open records, and a person who is patently interested in whatever the data shows, the data shows.

Bruce’s Dropbox includes “This whole process started over 4 years ago for me.docx”